GWH 1/48 MIG29 “Fulcrum” Early Type 9-12

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I saw this amazing kit from the nearby hobby store. The 1/48 MIG29 Fulcrum Early type by Great Wall Hobby so far was one of the most detailed MIG29 Kit I’ve seen. The parts are well molded and best of all, the missiles for the plane are molded using individual sprue without the trouble of gluing a two parts missile which most other plane kits would require to. The upper body of the plane and it’s wing are also molded as a single piece, packed nicely in a separate box. The kit also comes with the twin jet engines and a engine stands that allow modellers to do the engine separated form the plane. OK, Let’s put the kit review aside,



For this post, i will not be covering too much on the kit itself, but rather on the processing of getting the MIG29 built into it’s finished product.The overall fitting for the kit is good, except for the engine cover with i have problem closing it. As for the rest of the parts, it fits perfectly fine. The kit has a very nice cockpit detail, with photo-etch seat belt. You need to be careful when doing the folding of the seat belt. My advise is to do some homework on the actual mig29 pilot seat seat before doing the folding. That will helps a lot in getting the assembly done nicely.

Pilot seat with Photo-etch seat belt
Pilot seat with Photo-etch seat belt

Most of the usual practice for plane modellers are to paint the cockpit first before assemble the plane body. I’m no exception too. The cockpit was painted mainly using acrylic paint. So far, I’m very satisfied with the detail of the cockpit, No third party parts require for this case.

MIG29 Pilot Seat and cockpit Painted
MIG29 Pilot Seat and cockpit Painted

The panel line for the kit are very detail and also very shallow. To avoid problem doing the pin washing at the later stage, i decided not to primer the body. I applied the pre-shades. You may not be able to see any pre-shades images as I’ve forgotten to archive this portion of my production stage. That is the problem when you get too focus onto the task. : P

The first base colour of the plane was airbrushed. I did a soft edge airbrush for the camo using a darker grey colour with a small percentage of green added to the paint. The outcome is pleasing to me as it does look close to the box illustration.


Some post-shading was done using a dark brown mix with the plane grey color around the panel line and the edge of the camo.


Once the post shading is done, I sprayed a layer of gloss to fix the base color and also to prepare the kit for pin-wash and decals.



Panel lining for this plane is quite challenging. The panel line is not deep therefore it may not be easy for the washing to go through the panel line.


The kit Decal is in Matt finished, which i feel rather a bit tough to apply. I also does not react to Tamiya mark softener, but the decal does not affect the overall kit performance. A layer of Matt finished at the end will blend the decal and the surface together.


I did a pre-shading for all the separate parts like landing gear, missile and air-brake. The GWH kit does has a very detail air-brake which made me decided to do a open air-brake for this kit.



Hand painted the cockpit part which may be too tough for an airbrush.


Masking of the Cockpit canopy.


Below are some of the finishing shots for the GWH 1/48 MIG29 “Fulcrum” Early Type 9-12

GWH 1/48 MIG29 "Fulcrum" Early Type 9-12
GWH 1/48 MIG29 “Fulcrum” Early Type 9-12




GWH MIG29 Falcrum Early Type 9-12
1/48 GWH MIG29 Falcrum Early Type 9-12


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